Friday, 2 April 2010


The UK edition of The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives will be launched on the 6th of April at Daunt Books, Holland Park. If you are in London, come along for an evening of palm wine and akara. I'll be signing books and reading from the novel. The wonderful thing is that you'll be able to buy it two days before it actually hits the shelves.

Hope to see you there.
LS xx

Listen to my interview with Harriet Gilbert on the BBC World Service programme
The Strand

I'm also on Women's Hour on Tuesday the 6th of April.
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Friday, 19 February 2010

Blurbs and Launches

The UK edition of my novel went to press on the 17th of February. It's funny because I still have nightmares about the text being upside down when I open the book for the first time. Obviously, this won't happen but I can't help but feel exposed. I am very excited though. I have the same publishers as Alain Mabankcou so I know I'm in really good hands.

I got a blurb from the lovely Petina Gappah! She blogs here and you should check her out. Her blogs are beautifully-written and I have learnt a lot from her this week. Some recently-published writers refuse to write blurbs but not Petina. I put it down to a real generousity of spirit and the ability to be genuinely happy about other people's successes. And guess what? She described the book as a "jewel". In case you didn't know (knock, knock, Nigeria) Petina Gappah wrote An Elegy for Easterly which won the Guardian First Book Award.

This week, friends and family, lost a lovely man. Rufus Orisayomi passed on on the 18th of February. He was a painter, photographer and film-maker. I used to plait the one lock of hair he had at the back of his head and attach a cowrie to it. He would travel across London just to have it done. RIP, Pappy-Ru! I still can't believe you're gone. I will miss you a great deal.

On the 25 of this month, my new book of poems, For the Love of Flight (Cassava Republic) will be launched at JB's Grill. I am very excited. I'm having a book party so come along, not just to listen but also to have a shot at the mic yourself. Where having an open mic session.

Here's a preview of the collection.