Friday, 19 February 2010

Blurbs and Launches

The UK edition of my novel went to press on the 17th of February. It's funny because I still have nightmares about the text being upside down when I open the book for the first time. Obviously, this won't happen but I can't help but feel exposed. I am very excited though. I have the same publishers as Alain Mabankcou so I know I'm in really good hands.

I got a blurb from the lovely Petina Gappah! She blogs here and you should check her out. Her blogs are beautifully-written and I have learnt a lot from her this week. Some recently-published writers refuse to write blurbs but not Petina. I put it down to a real generousity of spirit and the ability to be genuinely happy about other people's successes. And guess what? She described the book as a "jewel". In case you didn't know (knock, knock, Nigeria) Petina Gappah wrote An Elegy for Easterly which won the Guardian First Book Award.

This week, friends and family, lost a lovely man. Rufus Orisayomi passed on on the 18th of February. He was a painter, photographer and film-maker. I used to plait the one lock of hair he had at the back of his head and attach a cowrie to it. He would travel across London just to have it done. RIP, Pappy-Ru! I still can't believe you're gone. I will miss you a great deal.

On the 25 of this month, my new book of poems, For the Love of Flight (Cassava Republic) will be launched at JB's Grill. I am very excited. I'm having a book party so come along, not just to listen but also to have a shot at the mic yourself. Where having an open mic session.

Here's a preview of the collection.